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People claim….

Some people claim they behave one and the same way everywhere they are. I have never agreed with such people. I can not even imagine how a teenager behaves in one and the same way in front of his parents and of his friends.

For example when i started working I firstly met a boy from Karnobat, who was talking with our boss as he was his best friend. After that there came his wife working at the store instead of the boss- highly respected woman, and the boy from Karnobat was talking to her as she was God. I was wondering what would happen if he had told her the words he was telling the boss two days ago.

Another example: my friend’s parents came to visit him a week ago. Until then he was the most talkative and he was teasing anyone in order to amuse the others. The moment they get out of the car, he became the calmest and most quiet boy I’ve ever seen.

Of course I never could be so sure threre are not such people who claim that and really behave in one and only way way all the time in front of anyone. However, I do not neither claim, nor act in such a way.


…about my summer holiday…

I’m by the seaside for 6 days now. I had 6 sunny days. I spent 2 days in a boungaloo with no water and electricity. Now I rented a good accomodation and will be there for 4 days. Me and my friends (now collegues) spent two days looking for a good job with good payment . We had great fun while doing that. I was offered several different jobs, and I had the opportunity to choose between working as an administrator, secretary, even an room maid and a worker in a loundry ;Pp . However, my friends did not have such an opportunity- they were only offered to do as workers in a store for fruits and vegetables. So I chose to work together with them as an cashier’s, instead of doing more pleasant job (at least for me) .

This, though, is only one of the reasons, save for which I denied to work as an administrator. I’m still a little bit confused about my decision. I’m very sad that I did not start working there, but circumstances required that.

I left Haskovo with the idea that I will not pay too much attention on the money, but I will work mostly for the experience. I had never worked before, so I wanted to try and I thought I was leaving nonprofit in general. Until now, I was considering people, working unpleasant for them jobs, for weird. Anyway, I realized that this occured to me, too. Three days ago, I still could choose and decide to work as an administrator. I would love this job. As I was explained, it was all about tourist servicing- giving them their room keys and doing other such things, but the most important at all was the communicating( to check if my English was good, they asked me to count from 1 to 10!!! ). I don’t know why did they required only that, in case that the place’s called International Youth Camp- mostly foreign groups are resting there. So, 3 days ago i chose to come to Lozenetz with my friends. I had to choose between spending cool summer, enjoying cool job, but doing all this by myself, and working at some boring place, but enjoying the time with my friends. I chose the latter, but this was not the one and only reason. I preffered the bigger wage. I chose the money. Now I don’t consider people, working unpleasant for them jobs, for weird and different from me. Money appeal. People are subordinate.

Did you enjoy Eurovision2007 ?

Is it possible one song to present one country?Is i possible such song to be appreciated objectively by other countries with different culture and traditions? Should such song contests occur in general? Well, no matter what your opinion is, this ‘competition’ causes variable moods and contradictions not only in Europe, but in other continents too.

Eurovision first took place in 1956. What makes it interesting is not the variety of songs from different countries, but the difference in the understandings about what song should be performed. Some peoples strive to present a song in modern style, which only young generation would like. Others are trying to perform traditional songs in order to show their national folklor. Some do even see the success in the untypical song and show their personal preferences to some music styles. However, as a result everything become such a mess that often even the judges don’t know which song deserves to win…

Of course i’m proud that the bulgarian song reached the final five, most of all because we took part for third time( we are begginers in that kind of competing). Several other thing impressed me more, though. 

First of all, i liked very much the performance of the bulgarian song ‘Voda’ by Elitsa and Stoyan. I am sure that they took the possession of the audience in a way that noone other could. Maybe my mum was right, when she said that ‘Voda’ is too valuable for us and that’s why others could not understand it. Anyway, the bulgarian song definitely differed from all other songs on Eurovision07. Another thing I paid attention on was the fact, that most of the finalists were countries from Eastern Europe- Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Bulgaria(two and three years ago winners were Greece and Ukraine) . Are the songs here, in this part of the continent, the best, or, are our singers the most talented??? Maybe Orfei has left his talent on these lands, while wandering here xaxax….. Last, but not least I heard and read comments not only from some foreigners, but also from my classmates and even some of my teachers. I really was amazed by these words from my classmate Ivo: ‘Da be, kvo da gi gledam tiq super smeshna pesen, puk texta i beshe mn tup, samo ni izlojiha…’, and by my neighbour’s words ‘Ne sum go gledala tva predavane…’. I still remember my german teacher’s words “O, ama to i bulgari li imashe, i k’vo napraviha?’…

In conclusion I would say, that we, the bulgarians will never be confident enough no matter wether we do develop or not…We must use all the successful results of our representatives abroad. I think Eurovision07  definitely is a successful and very essential result, with a hopefully good effect which we should be proud of and which shows that Bulgaria is one of the developing european countries!